Grants at Baxalta

Our world grows stronger and healthier through innovation.

The Grants program was established to foster advances in scientific research and medical education. With an emphasis on the patient as a priority, the Grants program is designed to support novel therapeutic discoveries. The Grants Team oversees the review, award, and progress of investigator initiated research, medical education, and fellowship grants from around the world. The Grants Team works closely with the regional and global Medical Affairs teams and cross functional resources in Hematology , Immunology, and Oncology to critically assess each grant request. Grant proposals demonstrating exceptional scientific merit and therapeutic alignment are prioritized for funding and product awards.

The value of our program is measured with the deliverables from each activity supported. For medical education programs this is the educational assessment completed by program attendees. For investigator initiated research the deliverable is the final study report, abstract or manuscript submitted for publication.

In 2015 our program awarded more than $9 million in grants supporting investigator-initiated research and medical education initiatives.

We encourage investigators and organizations to submit applications for funding to help expand the body of scientific knowledge to benefit healthcare practitioners and advance patient care worldwide.

Our areas of interest are constantly evolving; potential applicants with additional questions are encouraged to contact a member of our Grants Team for more information about our grant program initiatives.

To learn more about Baxalta, please visit the Baxalta website.

Together, we can make a difference in patients’ lives.

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